Saturday, March 12, 2011

Etsy Paper Team Swap Featuring PikakePress!

I hosted an item swap at Team Etsy Paper recently, and since all the results are not in, I figured I would start putting up the photos, one by one, to give each shop the limelight.

Here we have photos from CursiveArt who received these lovelies from PikakePress.

You may visit Leslie at PikakePress here:

She has so many nice things there!  OMG!  With all that island inspiration, an artist in Honolulu must get overload!  (I know I did Leslie, I lived there for 3 years!)  Anyways, without further ado, here are her items! Please click on the photo for a larger photo, you gotta see these!  Aloha!  =)


  1. oh my goodness these put what I made to shame!!! I looove pikakepress, I tell people about it all the time!

  2. Wooo! Excited to see the posts starting up! These are amazing cards...such talent

  3. I'll be blogging about mine and sending you a pic soon! Great swap-- they're lovely!


  4. Very pretty! The swap is off to a great start!