Saturday, March 19, 2011

Etsy Paper Swap Featuring KzieglerDesign

More lovelies are still coming in from the Etsy Paper Team paper swap!   PrettyMuchDana received these lovely notepads from Kim at KzieglerDesign:

The photo is a little dark, my apologies.  But please, run over and visit Kim to look at the rest of her lovelies in her shop!

Thank you for participating!  I had a great time doing this and hope to do one again!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Etsy Paper Swap Featuring LDCraftSupplies! Another Leslie!

Here is another batch of lovely from the Etsy Paper Team swap!  Thank you RWKrafts for the photo! 

LDCraftSupplies crafted these items and you can find more super lovely items from Leslie at her shop:

Lots and lots of wonderful things cooking over there.  I wish I were that busy!  Thanks to all the participants!  Hope to have more for you soon!

Aloha, Liz

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Etsy Paper Team Swap Featuring PikakePress!

I hosted an item swap at Team Etsy Paper recently, and since all the results are not in, I figured I would start putting up the photos, one by one, to give each shop the limelight.

Here we have photos from CursiveArt who received these lovelies from PikakePress.

You may visit Leslie at PikakePress here:

She has so many nice things there!  OMG!  With all that island inspiration, an artist in Honolulu must get overload!  (I know I did Leslie, I lived there for 3 years!)  Anyways, without further ado, here are her items! Please click on the photo for a larger photo, you gotta see these!  Aloha!  =)

New Earrings for my daughter

I just bought the cutest little earrings ever for Lydia.  They are a going away gift for when I deploy, but I have already given them to her as I should be going soon.  I got them from a fellow ETSIAN FairyQueenQT, aka, Katie.  Check out her shop at:

Can't Shake this tonsil thing.........

Been rather ill these past couple of weeks with it being VERY difficult to swallow.  I have been able to do a little crafting and stuff, but nothing major.  I will go to the ER tomorrow if conditions do not improve.

I recently hosted an item swap for team ETSY PAPER!  I have some photos to list along with credits, so be looking for that daily.

I also have had some new shipments in!  A great collection of rubber stamps came today!  Everything from flower fairies to peter rabbit.  =)  Guess what I will be dragging myself to do, even if I am sick!

I am going to try to dedicate more to my blog, at least once a week!

OH, and I know I still have to pass on a blog award, so I will be looking for newbie blogs to pass that on to!